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Facts about me...

-         I’m Indonesian.

-         I love music, especially Kpop & Jpop.

-         I’m a KinKi Kids fan, not a TO fan. Although I do admit that my bias is Tsuyoshi but I still love them both ^^.

-         In love with Domoto Tsuyoshi. Not really a romantic kind of love, but I love him as an artist/musician. I adore this guy for being so unique and staying true to himself.

-         I can’t proclaim myself as a KKL fan or a KKF fan, ‘cause I’m not sure with that. Maybe, I’m a KKF fan with a bit of KKL inside of me [LOL … XD].

-         I hate antis.

-         I’m trying to be a mature fan. I don’t want to fill my heart with jealousy. I want my idols to be happy with their live ^^.

-         I will not share any KinKi’s stuff here. If I want to share any KinKi’s stuff with fellow fans I will share it at Domoto Kyoudai community. So, this LJ is basically all about me [and my la-la land XD].

-         I’d love to make friends with other KinKi’s fans ^^. So if you want to know more about me, feel free to add / message me ^^.


I finally watched some movies i saved on my external HD. I've downloaded movies but haven't found a right time to watch them. Don't know why, but i enjoy downloading movies more than watching them XD.

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So much for my life...

Receiving a lot of good news this month, starting from the release of Tsuyo’s album in Europe until the news about K album. Okay, so I was curious about the K album price then I went to CD Japan to see it. It’s about 50 or 60 dollars [I can’t remember the correct price], and when I converted it to IDR I was like :((… my dream of owning a KK album going down to the drain *sobs* [well, until someone kind enough to give it to me as a b’day present or something :P].

Oh well as usual, all I can do for them is by sending tips to TH. I really want to do more, but that’s all I can do to spread some KinKi love.

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What i did last weekend...

I only managed to watch 2 movies this week, Battle Royale & My Black Mini Dress. But I finally finished watching Marumo No Okite yesterday, and I’m happy with the ending. The ending is quite predictable, but I love this kind of dorama. Light story and lots of love ^^.


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Movie marathon

Been busy lately, but I managed to watched a few movies.
This pas few weeks I’ve watched Confessions, Hero the movie, Galileo the movie, Don’t laugh at my romance, I’m in love with my sister & 1 million yen and the Nigamushi woman.
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Killing time

Yesterday i saw Last Present and amazed by Kanno Miho's acting (*o*), she's awesome! I never watched any of her dramas/movies before so i never knew how good her acting skill is. Tsuyo's acting is also great [do i have to mention this? (-__-);].
Now I've downloaded all episodes of Summer Snow & Home Drama. Which one should i watch first?? Nahh, i don't think i could watch anything now. It's the end of the month [again?!?!], meaning it's super busy time!! Even if i could watch it after work, i won't have enough energy left.

After watching AI result again last night i still can not believe that Casey got the lowest vote. I predicted that he won't be in the bottom three at least until top 5 competition. Thankfully the judges saved him. He's such an artist, it would be a waste to let such a talent go like that. So they HAVE to save him. I would be pissed if they didn't. He has captured my heart with his voice since i saw his audition. Don't know much about blues, but it doesn't need a genius to tell that this guy is talented. I hope he wins *cross fingers*!

P.S.: I finally decide to apply at Bayer. Hopefully i could get through, but what if i get called on the beginning of April? I can't leave my work until mid April, so it means that i have to pass the opportunity of finding a better job (T.T). God, please don't let it happens.... *pray hard*

Stepping out of Kpop fandom

It doesn't mean that i don't like Kpop anymore though, i just don't like its fandom. They're kind of... annoying [most of them]. A bunch of teenagers who worshiped their idol like they're some sort of God or something. When their idol didn't win on award shows they're gonna put the blame on the other idol who won the award (-__-);.

I don't really enjoy Kpop like i used to, and that's because of those "over-dedicated" fans. After 4 years knowing & liking Kpop music, i've encountered so many different Kpop fans. Some of them are cool, some of them are not cool, and some of them are annoying. I want to interact with a more mature and friendly fans, so i guess this is why i'm not into Kpop fandom anymore.

Talking about fandom, to tell the truth... i'm not a good fan myself :P. My favorite Kpop group is SuJu and the only thing that i bought is their 2nd album, that's all. I wanted to buy all of their stuff, but unfortunately i can't. Money is the problem. I'm not a 14 - 17 years old who can beg my parents to buy me my idol's stuff. Here i am, working my ass off just to feed my family. Even if i have extra money, i will use it for something more useful than just a pricey CD. I use the internet as my asset to broaden my knowledge on music and sometimes to leech files ;P. Buying all my favorite artists' stuff is not a definition of a fan's dedication to me. Supporting them without hurting anyone, defending them from antis, keeping update of their latest news, now that's what i called dedication. And i'm not making excuses here... 

P.S.: Need to learn English again, my grammar is a mess (T__T).


A person from the past [?]

Last night i [accidentally] chatted with someone i haven't met [texted] for a long time through FB.
As usual, our conversation couldn't get any further than "How are you?" and "Where are you now?" type of questions (-__-);.
It was dull and boring. I know that you're shy but puhleaseee... be more creative and ask me something else!
Besides distance, this is the other reason why our relationship can't work out.
Sorry, you're just someone from the past for me now....


Mission accomplished!

Finally, i mean finallllyyyy I've finished watching YNC. It was good, the acting were good and the good thing is no sad ending [yay!]. Overall it was okay, though it's not the best drama i've watched. The main reason why i watch this dorama is simply because DoTs was there, nothing else. 

TBH after watching the 1st episode, i thought it's gonna be depressive and dark. I thought all of them will kill them self one by one, but thankfully that's not happening. In fact, they found the meaning of life and friendship after watching their friend killed himself. I guess that's all i can say about this dorama. Damn, i'm bad at giving reviews [maybe because i'm biased ;P].

Next dorama to watch is either Summer Snow or 33pun Tantei ^^. I think i'll watch 33pun Tantei first.  

Watching all DoTs doramas is like a mission for me, a very happy mission ^^. I wish i can watch all of his doramas [although i know it would be impossible :(].

Random post

Megaupload & IDWS were killing me yesterday!! It's just so hard to download 1 episode of YNC, wth with that?
My office electricity constantly went on and off so i can't resume my downloads -__-'.
But thankfully at night, i can finish downloading 1 episode ^^, my patience finally paid off. I feel so much better now ^^ [except that today i accidentally download the 11th episode which i have downloaded last night].

I want to go to Jakarta so bad! I haven't gone there for a veeeerryyy long time [i miss Jakarta's malls so much ^^]. Hopefully i don't have to work tomorrow!!!

P.S.: DoTs will release a new single on April! Yay!


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